OKINAWA, its military and commercial value

Commercial success of the USA in Asia is closely linked with the military issues. (Let's compare the economical value of Okinawa and the Philippines. )
The occupation of Okinawa will bring more benefit to the USA when it can be used for commercial purposes. More importantly it will bring much less pain , or much benefits to people in Okinawa. Japanese people will support the continued US presence in Okinawa for non-military purpose if only they can be assured of the US obligation of defending Japan. The USA shall take advantage of the tremendous commercial value of Okinawa and help its global companies in their effort to expand their activities in Asia from a safe haven.

The problem of Futenma base can be solved only by commercial way of thinking.
The contribution of the US military bases to Okinawa's economy is only 5% of its GDP. It is obvious that Okinawa will receive more benefit if the military bases are changed to commercial bases. Such change is possible even with their "continued occupation, or more lenient form of benefit enjoyed by the USA.

The USA shall initiate such changes though it is, of course, subject to the agreement between the USA and Japan. Officers of Japanese government may stick to the point that the US occupation of any portion of Japan can only be justified in the name of the military presence allowed in US -Japan security treatment. However, occupation of the US for the purpose of international commerce will bring much more benefit to all the parties; people in Okinawa, Japan, the USA and many Asian countries.

People in Okinawa has no reason to reject such peaceful occupation beneficial to them.
Instead, Japan should help the Philippines and other neighbors in their effort for their defense regarding US presence in Subic Bay or other part of Asia of which commercial value is much less. We have to set Japanese government free from the fixed notion that the solution can be found only in bilateral discussions on the military


Futenma problem can no longer be solved just with money generously given to Okinawa by the central government in the name of public investment. And it also cannot be solved by the simple minded anti-base movement. We need to find a solution by thinking from a different angle: mercantile solution. There is a solution from which all the key holders; both governments of the United States and Japan, people in Okinawa, and in the long run, Chinese people, will benefit. That is:


It will be the most effective public investment project for Japan because new Okinawa can absorb tremendouswealth of emerging Asian markets.
The USA will be able to win a huge concession in commercial conditions from Japanese government for only giving up Futenma, just part of its existing bases. The area of Futenma base is 4.8km2 or 10km2 including its surrounding area and it is large enough for a commercial center.
Now, who will complain when American occupation is changed from the form of military to the form
of commercial which will bring Okinawa more security and benefits?

And most of all , the biggest winner can be people in Okinawa if they are determined to make necessary changes (such as education in English and Chinese) to become the central figure in the development of New Asia.

Many politicians and bureaucrats whose ideas are too much Tokyo-oriented tend to overlook the fact that Okinawa is ideally located in the center of economic map of Asia, with Shanghai, Taipei, Seoul, and Tokyo in a few hour flight distance. It is the nearest democratic and advanced economy to Shanghai,the economic center of China of which regime is still too authoritative to many democratic-minded people in and out of China.

Many global companies having a huge business interest in China should have a grave concerns over its political and economic risks. Currently their regional head-quaters in Asia are located in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore etc. Now, Okinawa is safer than Hong Kong and Shanghai in many respects, and much closer to Shanghai than Singapore and Tokyo.
Japan has to offer generous benefits such as corporate tax exemption or free land lease for a long period, of which cost will be still much less burdensome than the cost of allowing the US to
keep the whole military base in Okinawa.

For rich Chinese people, it can be a very convenient safe haven. They need Amercan presence to feel safe. The USA, by giving up the relocation to Henoko, will be more than compensated with the privileged commercial use of Futenma area. Japanese government will be able to allow billions of dollars benefit to the USA and their global companies, if they come to understand the tremendous potential of Okinawa as a center of Asia. Such arrangement will be enthusiastically supported by Japanese people and probably many Asian people because they understand the importance of peaceful presence of American forces in Okinawa. It will be a most effective way to achieve peace in the very sensitive part in Asia.

For many Okinawa people, the presence of American armed forces is much less painful, if it is for
defending their own land, not other part of Japan. That is why the contribution to Okinawa economy by US global companies is of vital importance.

The presence of US in Okinawa is critical for the peace in Asia. But not only the military point of view but also the economic point of view shall be carefully considered.

Japanese government needs:
to solve the problem of American military bases in Okinawa.
to maintain the preferred position in the relation with the Unied States(and China)
US government needs:
to maintain the vested interests in Okinawa.
to find an alternative way to keep their interest which Okinawa people can support.
to make Okinawa people love the presence of AMERICA
Okinawa people needs:
to have a less burden of the military bases.
to have the USA think it is their benefit to protect Okinawa (and Japan)
to increase their GDP.
to establish their identity as the center of international economy and culture in Asia.

All of the above can be achieved by realizing Okinawa's tremendous potential as an economic, cultural and intelligent center of East Asia.

Note : As a location for the regional headquarters of global companies

Attractiveness of Okinawa (and Chitose) :
1) Very convenient access to the airport from the commercial center
2) Low crime rate and reliable legal system
3) Comfortable living environment.
3) Low cost of development and good infrastructure.
4) High educational standard (English)
5) Valuable as a resort area
6) Potentiality of the international airport (as a hub in Asia)
More of Okinawa:
7) Located in the center of economy map of Asia
8) ideal as an Intelligence center for the USA and China
9) Strategic importance in national defense
10) Potentiality as a cultural center of internationalized Asia (a new melting pot)
11) Psychologically easier access for Chinese people than Tokyo
12) Growing population
13) No threat of earthquakes and tsunami. (but Typhoon) And there is no nuclear plant.